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Art Plug is a creative collective servicing artists, collectors, and brands.

Welcome to Art Plug, a vibrant hub where art transcends boundaries and ignites creativity. At Art Plug, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic community of art enthusiasts, collectors, and creatives globally. Our multifaceted platform, comprising Art Plug Gallery and Art Plug Services, offers a unique and enriching experience to everyone who shares our passion for art.


The Art Plug

Tailored to Your Creative Needs

Beyond our gallery, Art Plug Services is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of artists, collectors, and businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to enhance your art experience and creative endeavors:

  • Artistic Representation
  • Art Curation and Consultation
  • Private Commissions and Collaborations
  • Experiential Exhibitions
  • Art Advisory for Collectors
  • Corporate Art Solutions
"...An art dealer, fixer, agent and branding expert, he showcases artists of all levels of notoriety. Katz disrupts the traditional way consumers engage with art.
“He’s a force to be reckoned with, challenging traditional power structures, and making major waves doing it.” Katz is “The contemporary artist’s greatest ally.”
"Katz is immersed in the art scene & understands what people are looking for.. Experience & expertise has allowed Katz to create some truly unique experiences.."
"...The Art Plug is basically the art King of South Beach Miami. He’s the all-round dealer, fixer, maker, and shaker on the contemporary art scene..."

Art Plug Collective

Art Plug Collective is a Miami-based creative & artistic representation agency servicing artists, collectors, and brands. It provides a network of hundreds of artists, from illustrators to animators, muralists to sculptors, and an in-house team that are a one-stop shop for any businesses’ creative needs. 

Art Plug has curated projects for globally recognized brands such as Hyatt, SBE Hospitality Group, Red Bull, Lyft, Footlocker, Stella Artois, Atlantic Records, Universal Music Group, Empire Distribution, Stoli, Chotto Matte, Brightline, E11even Brand and Alpha Tauri. Most notably, “The Real Surreal,” Miami’s first ever Dali exhibition; a collaboration with The Salvador Dali Universe and Bleeding in Color,” curated by Katz in which he enlists a co-curator to help create a positive outlook on life’s hardships and experiences through the exhibition of contemporary artists.

Art Plug Gallery

A World-Class Collection

Art Plug Gallery provides access to works from hundreds of artists including Salvador Dali, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Banksy, Takashi Murakami, Kaws, and more elite contemporary artists.

Art Plug Gallery holds a wide array of inventory, from paintings and sculptures to photography and limited-edition prints. Under The Art Plug umbrella, Art Plug Gallery provides bespoke services including commercial/residential art curation, private commissions, consignment services, & more.

Art Plug Powerhouse

The Art Plug Powerhouse is an experiential and mind bending art exhibition that showcases physical and digital art since 2018. The Power House has been recognized by Forbes travel guide and has showcased hundreds of artists since its inception. The Power House is a platform for creatives to showcase all forms of art.