The Art Plug Agency is a Miami-based creative agency pushing brands forward through art, providing an array of services from mural advertising to brand design to digital content creation to experiential production. The Art Plug provides a network of hundreds of artists, from illustrators to animators, muralists to sculptors, and an in-house team that are a one-stop shop for any businesses’ creative needs.

This cohesive group of skillsets allows your big picture goals to be integrated into the finer details of the business, visually transforming your brand and creating the results you seek. With an inherent feel for the art and a deep understanding of the channels where the creative lives, The Art Plug is the team to bring your brand to life and build your next creative project.

The Art Plug services a wide array of international artists and globally-recognized brands, including Red Bull, Anheuser-Busch, Lyft, Virgin, Universal Music, Sony Music, Foot Locker & many more.

About The
Curator: Marcel Katz

Marcel Katz, also known as “The Art Plug”, is an art agent, dealer, and director based in Miami, Florida. He is the founder of Marcel Katz Art, an art gallery & dealership; The Art Plug, an art & creative agency; and The Art Plug Power House, an independent art fair & experimental event platform for international artists.

Born and raised in Miami, Katz began his work in the nightlife scene, leading him to creative programming & promotions. Collaborations with local artists and collecting their work led him to his current creative path. Over the course of 6 years, Katz has laid the foundation for his art endeavors and has access to works from hundreds of artists including Picasso, Warhol, Haring, Basquiat, Murakami, and an elite roster of contemporary artists. At the age of 30, Katz became the youngest Authorized Salvador Dali dealer.

Katz is known and sought out for his eclectic taste, creative vision, and ability to connect the dots. He has curated campaigns with brands from various industries including Lyft, Foot Locker, Atlantic Records, Empire Distribution, Universal Music Group/Island Records, Stella Artois, Stoli, and Chotto Matte. According to Forbes, Katz is “disrupting the US art scene” one project, client, market at a time

On why he got into art, Katz says: "Art lets me put myself in positions where I am constantly challenged. Art is timeless, it's forever. I can leave my cultural footprint in the world with my art and vision. I found that art is limitless and lets me explore concepts that push boundaries and bend rules."

As Whitehot Magazine put it, "He’s a force to be reckoned with, challenging traditional power structures, and making major waves doing it.” Katz is "the contemporary artist’s greatest ally.""

Wherever there is Art,
there is The Art Plug.

We are a creative agency headquartered in Miami founded by Marcel Katz providing art-related services for brands, businesses, artists, creatives, and consumers.
Whether you are a brand looking for creative solutions, an artist looking for representation, or a collector looking for for art advancement, please reach out to us! We look forward to hearing from you.