Type: Painter, Muralist, Illustrator
Location: Italy
Services: Murals, Commissions, Brand Collaborations

Born in Sassuolo from the Providence of Modena, Italy, ABVA has experienced several foreign experiences. The most significant: one year of studies in Honduras, then in Argentina, more precisely in Buenos Aires, where he attended the Bachelor Degree in Business and Economics. He currently lives between Bologna and Milan and continues his university studies in Business.

His passion and interest in art began from a very young age; With his works he tries to give an artistic change to objects used daily and not only. Originally inspired by Street Art, it applies some features in various fields; After a few years, also influenced by the new cultures known in the experiences lived, he begins to carry his emotions on canvas.

Convinced that it is always necessary to improve, learn, and confront with other cultures, see its future in the art world, because it believes that Art and Culture together can enrich and give new meanings, feelings and emotions to everyday life.

His works are mainly abstract, with strong and decisive colors. The shapes disintegrate to create other new shapes. Concepts interpretable by each person in a different way.

Through his art he expresses concepts of daily life, such as the comparison between good and evil and the importance of culture.