Anna Carlson

Type: Painter, Muralist, Sculptor
Location: Brighton, UK
Services: Commissions, Murals, Activations, Live Painting

I am a multi-disciplinary artist from Brighton, UK. Over the last year I have been pursuing a particular body of work, ‘COURT’; an ongoing exploration of sports courts and pitches with a curiosity for their aesthetics, geometry and their roles in social infrastructure, cultural and individual memory and nostalgia.
The work has taken the form of paintings, printmaking, sketches, photography and painting court markings in public places in the UK, Italy, Portugal and Mexico.
I’ve recently produced my first solo show, ‘COURT’, which will run in a small gallery space in Brighton throughout the month of May 2019. I produced a range of studio works as well as created a painted installation within the space.
In June 2019 I completed a month long artist residency at the Casa Lü residency in Mexico City, where I developed the Court series into sculptural pieces, exploring the playful abstractions and visual trickery that could be achieved by manipulating the way courts sit and bend in space.