CB Hoyo

Type: Painter
Location: Belgium
Services: Commissions, Brand Collaborations, Activations, Live Painting, Murals

CB Hoyo was born in 1995 in Havana, Cuba, immigrated to the Dominican Republic, and now lives in Europe. His started interpreting the world through his paintings as a child.

Over the past few years, his work has increased in stature. A self-trained artist, CB Hoyo continually produces works that celebrate life itself. Fresh, colorful, and fun are three words that easily describe his creations. Working with any medium on any material, the artist uses a mixture of art historical trends but always incorporates his unique voice.

CB Hoyo is making a proper mark on the current art scene. Some have labeled him a “provocative” artist for his tendency to perfectly replicate famous paintings by the art masters and write sarcastic remarks directed towards the art market.

His works are already exhibited in private and public collections in 6 continents.