Chad Knight

Type: Illustrator, Animator, Designer
Location: Portland, Oregon
Services: Commissions, Brand Collaborations

Chad Knight’s vibrant digital art moves between the meditative and the frenetic. A 3D designer with Nike by the day, the artist’s personal work seems to exist in alien worlds, with his works being made in Cinema 4D. These are places inhabited enormous, elaborate beings that appear in mid-evolution. The artist posts a new creation each day on his Instagram account, part of an ongoing, prolific effort.
Art often gives viewers a look into the mind of an artist. For Chad Knight, his surreal digital creations are a personal journal (he claims his art always represents something or someone) begging to be explored and dissected. Knight is both a senior 3D design director at Nike and a 3D digital artist, and his reach is growing immensely alongside the digital sculptures he creates.
At first glance Knight’s work might make you question reality or even believe that such a place exists; at least in a dream. His massive structures loom above dense forests, deep oceans, and infinite deserts, conveying a sense of adventure interpreted uniquely by each viewer. But the detail and potential within these mysterious figures and the land they occupy is what makes his work so unique.
“I would love to convey hope,” Knight said. “For them to question the limitations they have bound around themselves through their distorted self-definition. I want people to see my art and feel invincible.”
He is based in Portland, Oregon and he used to skateboard professionally for sixteen years. His greatest influences are the masters of Renaissance and Baroque, as well as modern digital artists.