Gil Bitton

Gil Bitton is a Miami-based creative artist and musician.

His first break came with his band Ozzfest, traveling with acts like Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson, and more. In 1999, he signed with Columbia Records. His music appears in Hollywood movies such as Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000, Daredevil, 11:14, to name a few.

After his band separated, Bitton’s passion for the creative fields and a keen eye, Bitton turned to the camera has now been shooting for 10+ years. Ranging from corporate events and nightlife photography to the fine art and fashion worlds, Bitton has found his work thrive with an undertone of seductive, dark sensual mystery.

According to Tropicult magazine, “Bitton’s work is marked with a dark yet delicate atmosphere. Through hints of female figures, vintage aesthetics, and abstract compositions, Bitton’s work evokes sensuality.”

His work has been featured at Art Basel, praised by the Miami Herald, and featured in L’Etage Magazine. He’s had successful solo exhibitions, including “Rouge Et Noir” at Haven’s Digital Canvas Showcase”.

Clients include:

Front Management Agency
Burger King
The Art Plug Agency
Bold and Beauty Project
Bitton is still on his path of making music, currently working with a musical group called Bella Luz.

See more of Gil’s work online on Instagram, @gilbitton.