"Walk on the right street in New York, and one will likely be greeted (or jumped, possibly) by the city’s idiosyncratic strain of street art and graffiti; works that run the gamut of emotions, from pure exuberant expressions of happiness and euphoria, to grim, deeper surrealist social commentary, from quick tags to elaborate Wildstyles — a populist art form that constantly responds to the life around you, whilst literally being around you. A city alive, constantly in flux.

One thing that remains constant though (with an unstoppably persistent output) is the work of one JERKFACE. An NYC native, the Queens-born 34-year-old, has been consistently putting out his own strange brand of surrealist, cubist, low-brow culture, nostalgia-inducing, happy cartoon subversions since his teens. Homer Simpson, Finn and Jake, Super Mario, Tom and Jerry, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, amongst more examples — when one sees them appearing in the same frame (in signature “geometric-goop style”), you know you’re in the presence of a JERKFACE piece. Much like the Saturday morning cartoons, the pieces are JERKFACE’s paeans to the joy and happiness the shows have given him, and now he’s making sure people feel the same way too."

- Interview: Artist JERKFACE by Tan Boon Hau for Luxuo