John Paul Fauves

Type: Painter
Location: Costa Rica
Services: Commissions

John Paul Fauves, a contemporary artist from Costa Rica who is mixing fragments of popular icons such as Mickey Mouse, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe, and transforming them into vibrant compositions.

And now, after honing his skills for 15 years and studying under esteemed modern artist, Joaquin Rodriguez del Paso, Fauves has become an internationally recognized artist.
But according to Fauves, it was as early as the day he was born, that he found his hidden inspiration for art. So he turned to painting.

Today, Fauves draws from these personal experiences – his name, career, and Instagram account – to manifest his work. Multiple faces and noses. Brands and cartoon characters. They are a reflection on Fauves’s “soup of ideas” that he’s garnered through everyday experiences and what he now lacks to identify with. One topic that Fauves notes he is looking to explore, is the fake life glorified on social media.

Fauves is now working on creating new icons and characters. One concept that he’s drafting is merging buts with characters that have legs and rainbows to reflect on the commentary that beauty can come from anywhere. But he is still writing this story.
And as for the future, he is taking his tutor, Paso’s advice, to just keep painting.