This American born visual artist has become widely known for his uniquely bold, edgy yet playful and noticeably eloquent handmade art. His work combines seemingly unrelated subject matter into one that makes perfect sense drawing inspiration from sports culture, iconic luxury, nature and impactful objects and design from all walks of
life. Coming from a family whose lineage consists of several artists while growing up as the youngest of three brothers and traveling at a young age, Keith was exposed to a wide range of diverse art, history, life experiences and existences. This fueled his interest in art early in life and armed Keith with a different perspective and direction in his
art inspired by the worlds many socioeconomic backgrounds ranging from street life to the lives of the top 1% resulting in a fascination of all cultures, which is reflected in his art today. He pursued art taking art history classes in college and eventually gravitated towards New York City where he lived permanently throughout his twenties and continued working on his non-traditional art ideas. Keith’s imagination has led to
connections in culture such as fashion and sports using an everyday objects such as a basketball as his canvas. Reconstructing the ball through a meticulous creative design process using snakeskins as an art medium will result in a basketball that takes on a new life form as an art object. This has put Keith and his work in a niche section in the
art world. The simple and distinctive designs he creates combined with a strong eye on detail and obsessive passion for perfection has produced a wow factor in his work and a certain type of energetic reaction with his audience, in which he strives for. His art continues to embody the breakdown of social barriers and embrace the evolution of our
culture while intertwining sports, fashion, street culture, and affluence into one art form.