Kourosh Keynejad

Type: Photographer
Location: New York, New York/London, UK
Services: Commissions, Brand Collaborations, Activations/Installations

Kourosh was born and raised in the English countryside. His family moved back and forth between the US and the UK for most of his youth, unknowingly giving him a foundation for his future. Traveling to new places every year with his family became a normal part of his life. Today he is able to take 100 flights a year without hesitating, worrying, or missing a deadline.

His appetite for the natural world motivates him to continue moving around the globe year round. He’s deeply passionate about environmental conservation and much of his work focuses on promoting projects involved in protecting fragile ecosystems around the world.

Kourosh’s captions and imagery probe his audience to think more deeply about the world and to consider the connections we all share. Being able to to adapt to almost any situation gives Kourosh an edge on what he is trying to do. He is an innovator, with an eye for creation and beauty. He is capable of assimilating into almost any culture on the planet, by having travelled to over 50 countries. So far this year, he has travelled to 5 continents and over 20 countries. His favorite activities are hiking new terrains, Muay Thai bouts in Thailand, and skiing off-piste.

After university, Kourosh worked in the financial world; working in operational management around the United States and Europe for a handful of companies. He gained a further competence for travel and began to appreciate his surroundings in a different way, while realizing he wanted to see more of the world than what this type of work had confined him to.

He had always practiced photography on the side, his mother having placed a camera in his hand at a young age, but had never thought to pursue it professionally until he decided to take some time away from his job to visit the far East for the first time in early 2016. That first trip he spent 7 months in Asia alone, exploring everything from the intensely urban to the serenely rural of Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan.

During his trip, Kourosh was completely awestruck by the innately diverse cultures, the sweeping landscapes from country to country, and the underlying magnetism in the world, around every corner. He naturally became more serious about his photography, discovering a channel of sharing his vantages and experiences through the lens of his camera. This undeniable connection between what he saw through his lens and what he wanted to share with others consumed him and such was the beginning of this creative journey.

Since that journey, Kourosh has spent almost all of his time and efforts planning, mapping and searching for of earth’s most inspiring views, locations, and animals in order to share a unique glimpse into the true essence of this world. His photography is an expression of the delicacy and importance that ecological and cultural environments play in the world today. Kourosh’s photography is here to exhibit the extraordinary things that occur all around the world every day.