Type: Painter, Illustrator, Animator, Muralist
Location: Miami, FL
Services: Murals, Brand Collaborations, Illustrations, Animations, Commissions

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, LALO moved to Chicago in order to delve further into the blossoming Hip Hop culture of the city as well as pursue a bachelors degree in the arts. LALO is best known for his photography edits on Instagram as @laloartworld. He partners with other photographers and artists along with capturing his own images around the city of Chicago and beyond. His “Parasites” engulf these images in engaging dialogue of how an ever-evolving digital world engages with human interaction. Another common theme in his work is a repetition of shapes that form “A” and “O”, representative of the Greek letters Alpha and Omega. For LALO, these shapes symbolize topics of duality such as the beginning and end, life and death, success and failure, etc. LALO has exhibited both digital and painted work in galleries and online along with his studies at Lake Forest College and Columbia College Chicago as a Studio Art Major. Through his digital illustrations, multimedia paintings, and sculpture, LALO pushes discourse on how people interact in the constantly expanding age of “hypermedia” and how it affects not only our lives but ultimately how were are represented when we die.