Mariell Guzman

Type: Painter, Muralist, Illustrator
Location: Dallas, TX
Services: Murals, Brand Collaborations, Activations/Installations, Commissions

Mariell grew up in an extremely creative family. Her mom was an artist, both of her siblings are creatives, and her dad is an engineer—which allowed her mind to wander and think about making things more innovative. Because her family is so artistically inclined, she has considered herself an artist since she was just a kid.

Growing up in Mexico also had an impact on who she has become. The region she lived in was full of inspiration. During her formative years, she was surrounded by brilliant colors in her neighborhood and all the local artisans she saw on a day-to-day basis.

Once she arrived in the US, her schooling took over as another main influence. She loved working with natural elements, so all of her science classes had her mind spinning. She loved biology, and mainly marine biology, because she saw the process of how things grow, expand and decay and she used this way of thinking to create some of her best pieces.