Marius Sperlich

Type: Photographer
Location: Germany
Services: Commissions, Brand Collaborations

Featured Artist For Playboy
“Communication is one of the most important elements in a successful collaboration. It is important to me that there is no imbalance, as often one side wields more power in the decision-making process than the other. From the start of this project, Playboy allowed me and my team the creative freedom we need to perfect an idea, bringing it to life in the form of an artwork. It was an incredibly open and respectful collaboration—it became very clear that we were not only on the same page creatively, but also shared the same desire to approach the sensitive subject of free speech conscientiously.”

He continues, “The purpose of this artwork is to act as a reflection of contemporary society. Change is in the air as a new generation of ideas takes hold. Demonstrations are the embodiment of unity, people banding together from all walks of life for a common cause. The censored nipple here functions as the poster child to a much broader problem of social injustice, and our protesters want to know: is this, really, the land of the free?” – Marius Sperlich to Playboy