Matthieu Venot

Type: Photographer
Location: France
Services: Commissions, Brand Collaborations

Matthieu Venot was born in 1979 in France. Studying sound engineer and working in the world of music. A need to create, Matthieu Venot left the world of music and being instinctively creative took up photography… at the ripe age of 35.

Since 2014, he has focused on developing his own photographic language. Focusing his lens on architectural details and adopting fairly constructivist angles, the artist succeeds in creating abstract geometric images. He only photographs when the weather is incredibly good and thus Matthieu uses the immaculate sky like the background in a studio. This, he maintains, is his way of not disturbing the composition of his pictures : simple and graphic. Lines cross over and overlap. shapes stand out from this blue background and have us forgetting what we are observing: a roof, a wall, a railing, a balcony.

The blue sky background also enhances the colours. Colour is, in fact, of the utmost importance in Matthieu Venot’s photography. Excluding the Breton greyness, the photographer transforms the town and has us thinking more of California or Florida. According to the artist, the choice of pastel colours is a way of transmitting, through his photos, his own personal optimism.