Type: Illustrator, Animator, Designer
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Services: Animations, Illustrations, Brand Collaborations, Activations/Installations

Robin Velghe is an illustrative designer and animator based in Ghent, Belgium.

Born with a passion for drawing, Velghe always loved creating a certain feeling through illustrations, designs or even music. After finishing high school, he studied Visual Design at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. What started out as a hobby, grew into a full time profession.

“Music has always been my biggest inspiration. Like nobody else, musicians have the ability to create a soundtrack to peoples life. I have always admired that. Rhymezlikedimez focuses on that power music has. I started working on the project trying to make illustrations that people all over the world can relate to. Drawing inspiration from mostly hip-hop influenced artists, I try to represent the feeling I get when I’m listening to a song/album that I love, hoping that people resonate with the vibe of the artwork.” – Robin Velghe