Type: Painter, Muralist
Location: Ft. Lauderale, FL
Services: Murals, Commissions

A south Florida local, born in West Palm Beach in the year 1990. Influenced by a number of things, from cartoons watched growing up to the very art and graffiti seen in the area through out the years. The style Is defined by harsh contrasts often creating a beveled look accompanied by bold tapering lines, but always evolving, applying more dimension with every new trick learned along the way.

Although completely self taught, has had a number of the best muralist and graffiti writers from South Florida pass down their many sought after tips and endless knowledge. No lack of experience painting on walls to say the least.

The only message offered is “just have fun, if your not having fun doing what your doing then why are you doing it. I have fun every time Notice my progression, so that is what I strive for, and hopefully one day make a living doing what I love and giving people art they can appreciate”