Born 1978 in Los Angeles, California, Sam Tufnell is a sculptor who enjoys pushing the boundaries of what is commonly considered to be art.

The artist has described his work as being anti-monumental, with his sculptures often depicting everyday objects such as garbage cans and plastic bottles. Tufnell’s use of lights placed under many of his artworks that are casted in clear acrylics, give these sculptures a crystal-like appearance. The result is strangely paradoxical, as many of these sculptures depict garbage the artist picked up.

“My work is about sculpture and it’s relation to everyday objects. I try to choose themes that I can link to historical art themes in order to investigate new meanings in familiar contexts.”

When he isn’t using familiar, albeit strange, objects to cast sculptures, Tufnell creates his works of art by welding metal. For his steel sculptures, the artist opts for more organic subject matter inspired by nature, such as roses. A choice that gives the coldness of the original material a sense of life and warm beauty.