Type: Designer, Illustrator, Painter
Location: Miami, FL
Services: Commissions, Brand Collaborations

Santlov is a Miami-based photographer/graphic artist and mastermind behind the viral ToysRLikeUs photography campaign. His seemingly realistic photographs consist of widely recognized, iconic toy characters finding themselves in the midst of relatable everyday-like human scenarios – a style that uniquely synchronizes fantasy with reality.

The ToysRLikeUs concept, says Santlov, “was initially conceived to be a sort of parody…a way to poke fun at modern human trends and behaviors.” Some of the scenes that Santlov captures feature actual toys he grew up playing with and speak to society’s dependence on technology, most notably smartphones, tablets and computers. The purpose of his photographs is to push the limits of “realism” as far as possible.

Many of the concepts Santlov creates are inspired by personal experiences and the trends that people follow and find themselves immersed in, one of them being the widespread usage of the Instagram photo-sharing phone app. Through the world-renowned ToysRLikeUs Series, Santlov pioneered the usage of inanimate objects to cleverly display mundane & subersive modern human activities & emerging societal/technological norms.

As described by Artsy,”…he might be the first to so clearly articulate the sweeping influence of social media on human culture.” The widespread support he has received and his commitment to sharing his unique creations means that this hungry, multi-talented contemporary artist is here to stay.