Type: Painter, Muralist
Location: Miami, FL
Services: Murals, Commissions

The name TESOE means “tough and resilient” and that couldn’t be any more fitting for the New Jersey born graffiti writer. Riding on the train as a kid sparked a lifelong curiosity for what he calls a “limitless art form”. Everywhere he looked he saw giant silver letters and intricate hand styles on New York walls, buildings, and rooftops. After moving from home to home in Miami at age 8, he began observing the different areas of the city. The streets began as his text book and ended up as his canvas. Inspired by graffiti legends Crome, Freek, Saber and Nekst, Tesoe began painting the streets and perfecting his style at the young age of 16. Landing in his first official crew, which he calls his family, 004 connec gave him the tools to execute his vision. Tesoe painted the town nights on end – what he calls “The Night Shift” – with his graffiti crew. From street tags to 60 ft billboards, there is no chance you could ride through Miami and not catch his tag in your view. Tesoe has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the art world from Alec Monopoly in London to Matt Zingler in one of the biggest hip hop events, Rolling Loud. Traveling around the world and raising the bar for what graffiti writers are capable of is Tesoe’s way of repaying the culture for what it’s taught him. He is making sure the world sees graffiti for what it really is – a lifestyle, not an image.