Zedsy is an anonymous street artist from the United Kingdom, which is why very little is known about him.

The artist has distinguished himself by painting on public walls and presenting his artwork on an international scale. In London’s Tate Modern, Zedsy placed his Reduced Campbell Soup Can print, without permission, in the Warhol room. This fun play on institutional validation and street art makes spectators question what can belong in the museum space.  He enters in dialogue with other world-renowned artists such as Banksy, by placing his artwork on the separation wall in Bethlehem (where Banksy hosts The Walled Off Hotel), and displaying pieces in Dismaland (a grim theme park which took place in 2015, created by Banksy). In his works, Zedsy tackles sociopolitical topics such as materialism, corruption, consumerism and tests the boundaries that the art world sets in place.