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Dalí, the real surreal is here

As Robert Descharnes would say in “All the paintings, all the loaves”: “Punishment does not overload him, is Salvador Dalí, purgatory is familiar to him.” It is the preface to his compilation of Dalí’s complete work and, as if it were a scene taken from our current world, Descharnes presents a genius who does not close himself in the face of adversity, comfortable in strangeness and ready to face a world in which Dantesque scenarios, that he once illustrated, became true.

The stubbornness that characterize geniuses flows also within Marcel Katz, acclaimed art dealership and entrepreneur, who has partner with French NY-based art consultant and Salvador Dalí expert, Bertrand Epaud, to honor the great master and of course, to rise culture as an ongoing human expression that has the power to unite us all in the name of hope. Marcel, facing our current adversity, and also to elevate the spirit of art, community, and diversity, has curated and gathered, along Bertrand Epaud, a truly and delightful world of art.

This year, thanks to their joint efforts, the genius, Salvador Dalí, is back. Marcel Katz Art, Salvador Dalí expert Bertrand Epaud and The Confidante Miami Beach, has partner to debut the first-ever Dalí museum sculpture to exist in Miami, Florida. “The Real Surreal” an historical ticketed art exhibition, will run for eight weeks, beginning on Friday, November 20th through January 17th, 2021, and it will feature a collection of rare and treasured modern paper works and bronze small-to-large-scale museum sculptures. The exhibition has also partnered with several other power brands, among them “Red Bull” and “Stella Artois”, so all guests 21 and over will receive a free “Stella Artois” upon entering the exhibit.

Date: conceived in 1977, first cast in 1984, 2014 cast
Material: bronze
Technique: lost wax process
Edition size: 343 of 350 + 35 EA, patina green/brown
Height: 46 cm
Maquette: original gouache, Saint George and the Dragon, 1977
Direct intervention (created by Dalí): the idea, image, and original maquette
Indirect intervention (created by artisans): lost wax process and patina

In this joint mission to face our current reality and support the local arts, both, The Confidante Miami Beach and The Art Plug, Marcel Katz’s gallery, will run a Rotating Local Art Exhibit Program to curate a new selection of surrealist-inspired art pieces by artists including Nico Suave, Nick Cruz, Tiago Magro, Grabster, Lefty Out There, ABVA, Wij, Haiiileen, and The Art Plug himself. The iconic works will be on display all throughout the property’s public spaces including the entire first floor of the hotel, cabanas and bungalows. This also includes a beautiful replica of the famous Dalí EGG, which brings hope and purity and is a symbol of fertility and the cicle of time, a perfect icon to declare to the whole world: ¡Miami is not cancelled!

“I am an exhibitionist!”, says Marcel Katz. “Dali’s influence on surrealism and culture has shown me that the creative spirit is what influences a generation of people. Nothing is out of reach. Let your imagination show you the realities of life. If you can think it, you can do it!”

Date: conceived in 1976, first cast in 1984, 2017 cast
Material: bronze
Technique: lost wax process
Edition size: 291 of 350 + 35 EA, patina blue
Height: 50 cm
Maquette: original drawing, Triumphant Angel, 1976
Direct intervention (created by Dalí): the idea, image, and original maquette
Indirect intervention (created by artisans): lost wax process and patina

Of course, if Salvador Dalí were teleported to this year, 2020, he would find himself in one of his own works, our world, a world of decay, confusion, and out of the ordinary. Nothing weird to him. Dalí himself lived in a reality similar to this, filled with war and death, displacement of societies, and constant questioning of existence, but he did not keep quiet, instead, he raised his voice, his made a statement to the world and left a big influence in his explorations of subconscious imagery and the development of his mature artistic style. Now is time for us to do the same, now is time for us to rise our voice, is time for us to say: “¡Culture wont stop!”.

– Written by Jonathan Lerma H.

Editorial Artplug Team.


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