Yayoi Kusama + Niclas Castello + RNAVA +5.49 ZEVIG +6.55 RICHTER +11.22 SNIK +8.54 TUFNEL +4.24 BAKER +7.22 MARIUS +3.55 SUAVE +1.24 CONDO +7.77 SLICK +4.44 SHEPF +2.49 HUSH +3.88 HEBRU +6.68 FUCCI +11.44 DFACE +3.95 HOYO +10.34 WHAT +6.53 KAWS +12.43% POSE -2.34 ARSH +15.43 DALI +2.34 KAMI -6.53 BRNWSH -4.5 KEITH +9.54 JMB +7.54 WARHOL +4.9 JERK +8.43 INVADER +9.54 EATON -4.5 BANKSY +7.55 PANTONE -3.44 CRYP +6.55 RETNA +3.75 FAUVES +2.35 KETNIPZ +5.55 FAILE +9.33 HMILLER +7.66 JCALLEJA +4.55 PARRA +4.55 FROST -3.33 CLEON -5.44 DAMIEN +8.55 KOONS -3.41 GONDEK +1.34 PINS +13.65 ROY -4.55 NYCHOS +3.47 ZEDSY +3.22 HIJACK 0% SCHARF +6.7 SORAYAMA +14.5 MARKD +9.88 YNARA -4.44 TAKANO +5.55 KUSAMA +8.88 MADSAKI +3.99 SPERLING +16.33 LEFTY +7.9 MAGRO +2.55 MIJARES +3.48 FLORE -2.43 WHISBE +5.66 SCHOONY +8.66 MGUZMAN +1.99 TSHIELDS +6.55 ABVA +1.86 PEPE 0% HOCKNEY +11.65 ARINZE +2.12 PEJAC -3.77 BUG -1.88 DRAN -7.33 BLEK +4.43 FUTURA +2.33 SCHEV +9.89 RTRAVIS +2.12 GBOND +3.87 NCASTELLO +3.21 ALEC +2.52 BKRUG -15.33 CRIVERS +1.22 JJOHNS +3.98 WOOL +10.5 TESOE +2.35 CCLOSE -4.45 TWOMBLY -1.33 DAIDO -3.22 DANLAM +5.55 TMF +1.25 BACON +8.99 JOY +4.77 NEW +1.86 PENN -3.21 RISK +2.33 KOONS +9.44 SANTLOV +2.95 DEKMANN +1.98 WOOD +8.55

About the event

Marcel Katz of The Art Plug and Rolling Loud founder Matt Zingler have teamed up to bring art to the festival for the first time. Rolling Loud is now the largest hip-hop music festival in the world, bringing the biggest names together for a 3-day event filled with popular music and good vibes. It is an event that shows the world the importance of hip-hop in pop culture by showcasing emerging superstars like Cardi B, alongside renowned veterans like J. Cole, Future, and Lil Wayne.

Rolling Loud also gives lesser known rappers a chance to expand their reach and perform in front of a huge audience. Last year 120,000 people attended the sold out event with over 20 million people watching online. This year, the stacked lineup will attract 225,000 fans at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Visual artists are a huge attraction at music festivals, and this year Rolling Loud attendees can enjoy a wide variety of live painting and other installations, curated by Marcel Katz. The Art Plug will host a 50×50 tent “The Art Plug Trap House” featuring seven different artists during the entire festival featuring the following artists:

Nychos @Nychos – Live painting on large canvases

CB Hoyo @CBHoyo – Live painting and neon art wall

Zevi G @ZeviGArt – Art installation with money bags

Somehoodlum @Somehoodlum – Art installation

Stillz @Stillz x lefty OUT there @LeftyOutThere – Collaboration live painting

Shawn Kolodny @shawnkolodny – Art installation with giant pill bottles

Monsieur Marcel will also be releasing exclusive limited works with these artists after the music festival.

Music festivals are an opportunity for fans and artists to celebrate their passion for various forms of art. From music to visual installations, Rolling Loud aims to give attendees a memorable experience they will look forward to every year, and it has succeeded. It was important to Katz and Zingler to implement visual art into this year’s festival to give artists a larger platform to communicate their ideas and generate discussion.

Make sure to stop by The Art Plug Trap House to enjoy these installations throughout the weekend.