Our Services

At The Art Plug, we offer expert fine art advising, helping you navigate art acquisition with ease. Our personalized strategies align with your tastes and investment goals. We’re here to assist you in building a meaningful art collection, making the world of fine art more accessible and enjoyable.

Art Plug offers one on one creative consultations with our founder Marcel Katz. Email us for more information.

Our team of designers is able to create static and animated logos / assets in any style that will truly capture your brand’s vision. Art Plug also offers complete curated rebranding packages with in house creative direction by our experienced team. We can help you with what your brand looks, smells, sounds, feels and tastes like. From merch to marketing, Art Plug has you covered! Brand or rebrand with us! 

Whether it’s digital or physical, in the sky or on the water, Art Plug has you covered….Let Marcel Katz and our team come up with your next ridiculous concept. We love to make NOISE.

Art Plug offers creative art centric solutions for homes, condominiums, buildings, arenas, airports, hospitals, schools and institutions.

With over 8 years of experience in digital art. We are able to help you with the best approach to properly execute your digital vision.

Our team of curation will get your brand message across using creative imagery and in house art direction that embodies your vision through our network of professionals.

We offer static (motionless) art design as well as fully animated art designs in both 2D and 3D. Bring your creations to life to give your art more depth with our trusted design team and network.

We have the ability to put together brand and artist activation/installations that bring the most unique experience to your brand or event. We love creative campaigns and love to make noise!

At The Art Plug, we are dedicated to preserving the timeless expressions of creativity found in art. Our specialized services, tailored for both indoor and outdoor artworks, ensure their integrity and longevity. We are deeply committed to safeguarding these masterpieces for future appreciation. Join us as we honor and conserve the world’s artistic legacy.

Does your brand smell? Well we think it does! Let us curate a scent that embodies the elements of your brand. We can elevate your brand with scented bottles, air fresheners, candles and more. 

With over 15 years of experience in events, Art Plug is able to provide exceptional lighting, sound and structural solutions for events of any level. 

Under the creative direction of Marcel Katz A.K.A. The Art Plug our team offers concepts that are most impactful for any campaign or treament. Our designs have been utilized by brands like Nike, Gucci, Olay Skin and Louis Vuitton.

Art Plug collective’s vast network of creatives can tackle any wall! We have collectively completed over 1,000 murals across the globe. 

Turning your physical and digital art into physical prints. With over a decade of experience, our team can provide strategy, packaging and the highest quality prints for best long term results. 

Art Plug can create digital static and animated stickers / giphys to get viewers engaged across Facebook (META), Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and Snapchat. With over 3 Billion views, our team can ensure maximum exposure to your targeted demographic. Let Art Plug create your next viral sticker/giphy today!

Art Plug Collective can create face filters to make your art more immersive for social media. WIth our vast network of artists we can bring any vision to life. Face Filters increase brand exposure on Facebook (META), Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and Snapchat

Our founder Marcel Katz A.K.A. The Art Plug has directed and curated hundreds of projects. Let our team help you with any art related concept


Whether you are a brand looking for creative solutions, an artist looking for representation, or a collector looking for a private commission: please reach out to us!

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