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Where is Marcel Katz?

Marcel Katz (AKA The Art Plug) is a digital creator, art director and curator of high-octane arts events in Miami. With DigiArt, he is now introducing influential artists to the digital world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), online marketplaces and the metaverse.

The Art Plug is at its busiest during Miami Arts Week. Marcel was, for example, behind a vast rooftop arts installation in 2019 which saw Red Bull stars performing death-defying motorbike leaps across the evening Miami skyline.

This is part of Marcel’s vision for a more inclusive performance art; unforgettable, adrenalin-soaked and still sometimes unnerving! As he reminds us that “When you are standing on a building, and you have an 800 pound bike flying near you on a ramp and a scaffold, it may not be so comfortable. You may want to get a drink!”

The choice to work with influential artists like Hariz Guzman with his Haculla creation (a play on Dracula) and Paa Joe (who designs fantasy coffins) is now adding up — the same mix of excitement, colour and exuberance with a hint of danger is present here.

Part of making art more accessible is working with brands. Marcel enjoyed creative freedom in collaborations with Red Bull, Stella Artois and Lyft and now with the new DigiArt partnership with Robert Earl founder of Planet Hollywood.

Collaboration is a recurring theme. In November 2020 Marcel collaborated with The Dali Universe to run a fine art exhibition of Salvador Dali’s bronzes under “The Real Surreal” banner. He picks up the story: “I was an authorised dealer, so I got to bring Dali to Miami for the first time ever … I love Dali. He was a creative genius, a master of Surrealism, and you know, especially now, a lot of things in life seem surreal!”

Marcel Katz — introducing exciting art to new audiences

Marcel identifies one of his strengths as connecting dots and introducing exciting art to new audiences: “My passion lies in taking artists into different markets … With this digital movement it is about bringing a relatable concept that is appealing to everybody, not just to a certain niche.”

So, where is Marcel Katz today? In Miami — doing what he does best. Mixing it up, bringing fresh eyes to artists in new places, making us feel slightly uncomfortable, and creating opportunity!

Join the DigiArt community on Discord (look out for contests, quizzes and invite campaigns to join) and register on our website now for the chance to win a pair of tickets to Miami Art Week (flight and hotel included)!

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