On August 10th, The Art Plug & Marcel Katz Art presented “Bleeding in Color”, an art exhibition featuring artists; Tiago MagroGabriela NoelleJen Clay, and Jonathan Ryan Harvey.  Curated by Marcel Katz & Gelareh Mizrahi, the artwork will be on display at The Gelareh Mizrahi Store in Miami’s Design District until August 24th.​

Featured at the event was Jen Clay’s art activation “Fruiting Bodies”, where guests were able to interact with the surprise installation in the back of the store.

Bleeding in Color is a reference to creating a positive outlook based on life’s hardships and experiences.

“We all have our battles, but every wound makes us who we are. These experiences help us progress as individuals, evolve, and come back stronger than ever. Our ability to overcome life’s greatest obstacles are what make us unique. Everyone has an experience we can learn from” – Marcel Katz

The works exhibited, selected by Marcel and Gelareh, aim to embody and represent this mindset, where the artists express their creativity through a full range of colors and positivity.

Bleeding In Color is about seeing the beauty within the bad and growing through those experiences.