Gabrielle Noelle

Gabrielle Noelle,

Gabriela Noelle (b. 1990) is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer from Miami, Florida. Fueled by an imaginative and childlike curiosity, she views her work in lucite and mixed media as a practice in preservation, serving to document our time on Earth for future generations. Graduating with a degree in Business Administration from Parsons School of Design, her background in strategic marketing and design adds depth to her installations through thoughtful graphic design, presentation, promotion, and collateral material.


Upon returning to Miami from New York City, Gabriela launched a furniture collection with her mother, interior designer, Bea Pila – her indoor lucite and Tibetan lamb swing among the most popular with features in Elle Décor and Interior Design Magazine. After five years of creative direction, production management and traveling to various trade shows, Gabriela focused on her development of fine art. Her first solo show, Imaginary Friends, with LNS Gallery in Coconut Grove told a story of a child from the future excavating fossils of extinct species and recreating them in synthetic materials in order to share his discoveries. 


Her dynamic installation at Nashville International Airport for Bonnaroo music festival titled Radiating Positivity features over two-hundred suspended lucite flowers with reflections and shadows “dancing” as the sun sets – an homage to the energetic quality and transformative power of music.
 Currently on display at the Lowe Museum of Art in Coral Gables for their annual Palette Project, her work Pink Circa 2019 encapsulates and catalogues everyday objects and can be viewed as a time-capsule of color with a social perspective.     


Gabriela engages with her community in Miami through collaborations like The Playground. Along with Iranian-born designer and fellow Parsons graduate, Gelareh Mizrahi, her installation of swings and “DIY souvenirs” displayed in a playground-like setting fulfilled their mission to spread joy through nostalgia. 


At Rose Coloured, Gabriela has partnered with founder and curator Sara Darling to launch the floral shop’s inaugural artist series with Memphis, a show consisting of mini-sculptures inspired by postmodern Memphis Design and Miami’s Art Deco era. The eccentric, over-the-top and at times, arbitrary designs, of the 1980’s blend with a minimalistic and ritualistic idea of reducing a flower arrangement to a single stem. Paired with vintage lucite and terrazzo from local Little River source, Coverings Etc., glass test tubes hint to a future where the lush landscape we know today might not be as prevalent – resulting in its preservation and a reverence on par with exotic specimens. 


Swings at Gelareh Mizrahi

Gabrielle’s work celebrates the provocative relationship between adolescence and adulthood, Earth and Man, the natural and the synthetic. She compares her medium, lucite, to a blank slate, similar to air and water, with the ability to turn intangible transparency into a tactile substance. 


Her collection, Goody Bag, is a nostalgic reference to piñata-smashing birthday parties and scintillating county fairs as well as an homage to the Memphis Design Group’s fun and over- the-top designs. Featured here are the Cotton Candy and Snow Cone Swings, created in collaboration with artist and clothing designer, Christopher Thomas of Three Thousand Ten. Each swing is completely unique due to a proprietary hand-dying process that encourages colors to blend and mix spontaneously.