Harry Hambley is from Cardiff, Wales, and has been drawing for a long, long time. He’s gotten a lot of attention for his Instagram account, @ketnipz, and currently has millions of followers.

His lighthearted comics feature a millennial pink, amorphous, androgynous, anthropomorphic bean, and his hand-drawn style and off-beat sense of humor calls to mind both artist David Shrigley and comic artist Matt Furie, better known as the creator of Pepe the Frog.

Ketnipz combines visual and word puns with a hand-drawn style that belies the depth of Hambley’s drawing abilities. He hints at it in some comics, which feature hyper-real elements that allude to the versatility of his talent.

What started as a way to relieve his ennui has become something of a phenomenon, as his growing cadre of fans love his creation so much that some have gotten it tattooed on themselves. Harry has been creating fine art work and murals all over the world. Ketnipz is a physical and digital creator with a massive international presence.