Chotto Matte lives by the motto that an evening at their tables presents an experience that you will remember forever, and art is a catalyst toward that realization. Founders Kurt Zdesar and Will Noble embrace art with as much love and freedom as the artists that create.  This mindset orchestrates an environment that you literally can’t find anywhere else in the world. Chotto Matte serves the finest authentic Nikkei cuisine in four locations around the globe using quality ingredients that are locally produced, and the art perfectly pairs itself. The bold, natural colors of the Japanese – Peruvian dishes pop brilliantly with the handcrafted curated art instilled inside buildings designed by award-winning architect, Andy Martin.

The Curators

In any event, installation, or restaurant, an atmosphere curated carefully with passion will guarantee an unforgettable experience. The Art Plug was honored to be a part of another opening of this beloved restaurant with the help of some incredible people.

Recently In Miami – Chotto Matte Miami is home to an incredible mural painted by Aholsniffsglue and Gustavo Oviedo, aka 131 and curated by Marcel Katz.  Thrillist recently named Chotto Matte, “Miami’s most visually stunning new restaurant,” and patrons give their approval to the food, drinks, staff, and atmosphere.

Today In Toronto – Marcel the Curator, Nico Hayes the project director, LeftyOutThere the artist, and Eric Ortiz the artistic assistant have done it again in an even bigger fashion. Over a span of 8 days working 15 hour days, the team painted a 10,000 square foot interior designed by Andy Martin Architecture.

The Artist

Lefty Out There has always worked within the street art community, but he has since expanded on his rather modest beginnings.  Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Lefty has grown into an international force balancing many diverse artistic endeavours. Chotto Matte Toronto is a prime example of Lefty’s flexibility and willingness to experiment on completely unique levels.  One thing is for certain; his passion and dedication to his craft is apparent in all of the work he completes, whether it is through large-scale installations or campaigns around the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The Art & Design

The design of Chotto Matte elicits a sense of modern-day Tokyo, and Lefty’s breathtaking work perfectly hones in on that vibe. His signature lines and elaborate squiggles are found in the form of massive banners, a perfect fit as a centerpiece for the expansive space that fits up to 425 people inside, 150 in an outside heated terrace, and 220 seated.

You can check out Chotto Matte in Downtown Toronto at 161 Bay Street starting Thursday, June 20th, on their website at, or on Instagram @chottomattetor.


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