Every artist develops a creative process when exploring potential projects. The process is strictly the preference of the individual, and it can be as conventional or unorthodox as needed. Matthieu Venot’s creative process is both unique and modern, often using Google Maps as a tool to scout locations.

“I do a lot of location scouting on Google Street View first,” Venot said. “After that I walk around the city for a while.”

Exploration is a huge component of Venot’s creative process. Finding the perfect location is crucial to shooting a signature image on par with his standards. He is very attentive to what he desires in his next shot, so he takes his time in order to perfect his craft. Finding that, “diamond in the rough” building or landmark in crowded cities makes up a majority of his process.

“In Lisboa I walked about 120 km in four days,” he said. “I didn’t shoot much, but I needed to find the perfect location with the perfect light. I need to like the picture before the shoot, so I visualize exactly what my picture will look like before I even take my camera out.  After the shoot, there is not much post processing besides some contrast and exposure editing.”

Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal is the capital of Portugal and one of the oldest cities in the world. Its culture and landmarks are recognized around the globe for its history and architectural relevance. While visiting, Venot found inspiration in the vibrant colored buildings paired with the deep blues and warm temperate climate. The limited edition prints set to release via Monsieur Marcel were all shot by Venot in Lisboa.

“I love the prints I shot for Monsieur Marcel,” Venot said. “I shot them in Lisboa, so this project was quite different from some of my other work. It is based on the photographic medium and the representation of reality; it is a photo collage. I love the fact that photography captures the immaterial and the intangible like the shadows.”

Venot’s portfolio depicts the subtle details in places that often go overlooked. His knack for cropping and isolating certain shapes, colors, and shadows effortlessly creates powerful images. Venot transforms something as simple as a cluster of shipping containers into a circus of colors and lines that could make any room reverberate with energy.

“My work is based around colors and shapes. The colors and the shapes change all the time, but I try to include some natural elements like palm trees or the moon. I like the feeling of being lost; to be nowhere or somewhere universal, a place to which everyone can relate to without knowing it. With this feeling in mind, everything is alright…even if it isn’t.”