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Art Plug Powerhouse
Art Plug Powerhouse
Art Plug Powerhouse
Art Plug Powerhouse
Art Plug Powerhouse
Art Plug Powerhouse

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The Art Plug Power House art fair is a dynamic and immersive art experience that has been a part of the Miami Art Week (Art Basel). This fair, conceptualized and curated by Marcel Katz, also known as “The Art Plug,” showcases a diverse range of art and cultural experiences, blending physical and digital art forms.

The 2022 edition of the Power House was hosted on the historic Miami River and featured over 20 influential and upcoming creatives from around the world. This event stood out for its unique culinary art experience and interactive art installations, aiming to make art accessible to everyone.

In 2019, the Power House took place at The Citadel over three days, featuring over 60 artists who displayed their work through various activations, installations, and exhibitions. 

This edition was notable for its high-sensory experiential approach and included a motocross performance show and a special “Red Zone” shipping container that allowed guests to be part of the performance track.

The event also featured the world’s first rooftop freestyle motocross show, connecting FMX stuntmen with bikes designed by visual artists, creating a unique blend of performance art and visual artistry​​. The Power House has been recognized for its innovative approach to art exhibitions, showcasing hundreds of artists since its inception in 2018.

It’s described as a platform for creatives to showcase all forms of art, from the traditional to the avant-garde, and is known for disrupting the conventional way consumers engage with art​​.

Overall, the Art Plug Power House art fair represents a confluence of various art forms and experiences, aimed at transforming the way people perceive and interact with art. 

It mixes different mediums and includes interactive works and installations designed to engage all the senses, providing a unique and memorable experience for its visitors​

Katz is noted for his ability to connect different elements of the art world, introducing exciting art to new audiences. His efforts have been described as a challenge to traditional power structures in the art world, making him a significant ally for contemporary artists.

Forbes’ coverage emphasizes Katz’s role in creating unique experiences and his deep immersion in the art scene, which has allowed him to curate distinctive and memorable events like The Art Plug Powerhouse​​.

Forbes has recognized The Art Plug Powerhouse as an experiential and mind-bending art exhibition, showcasing both physical and digital art since its inception in 2018.

The Power House has been commended for showcasing hundreds of artists and serving as a platform for creatives to exhibit all forms of art. This recognition underscores the fair’s impact on the art scene and its innovative approach to art exhibitions​​.

Marcel Katz, the mind behind The Art Plug Powerhouse, has been highlighted by Forbes for his disruptive influence in the US art scene.