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3D Frankenstein – Tristan Eaton

780.00 $

Screen print in full Stereoscopic 3D on 300gsm Signa Smooth archival cotton rag fine art paper with deckled edges. Includes one-pair of matching 3D glasses.
24 × 25 1/2 in | 61 × 64.8 cm
Edition of 300
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Tristan Eaton is an acclaimed American street artist and designer, recognized for his vivid, eclectic, and often large-scale mural works. Born in 1978 in Los Angeles, Eaton grew up in London before returning to the U.S., where he started pursuing street art as a teenager. He is known for his distinctive style, which merges various elements from graffiti, pop art, and graphic design.

Eaton’s work is characterized by its richly layered, collage-like aesthetic, blending a mix of imagery drawn from a wide array of sources, including advertisements, comic books, and classic art. His murals often feature bold, vibrant colors and a complex, visually arresting patchwork of different textures, patterns, and iconography. This style reflects his background in graphic design and illustration, along with his deep appreciation for the traditional graffiti art that influenced him early in his career.

In addition to his street art, Eaton has made significant contributions in the realm of commercial design. He’s known for designing vinyl toys for the pioneering company Kidrobot, helping to propel the designer toy movement. His multidisciplinary approach also includes fine art, with his works being displayed in galleries worldwide.

Tristan Eaton’s art is celebrated for its ability to capture the dynamic energy of street culture, while also incorporating elements of high art and design. His unique visual language speaks not just to the art community but to a broader audience, reflecting his belief in the accessibility and democratic nature of street art. His work is a testament to the evolving nature of street art, showcasing how it can transcend boundaries and mediums to become a significant part of contemporary art culture.

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