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Hand signed & numbered by the artist.

Medium: 23 color screen print on 300gsm somerset paper

Dimensions: 15.75 x 28.35 inches

Year: 2017

Edition: Of 175

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“BEHIND THE CURTAIN” by Martin Whatson is a captivating and enigmatic piece that invites viewers to delve into the layers of artistic expression. This artwork features a scene where a curtain, depicted with Whatson’s signature blend of street art influences and classical finesse, serves as a metaphorical barrier between the visible and the concealed.

The artist’s skilled use of color and detail draws attention to the intricacies behind the curtain, leaving a sense of mystery and anticipation. The juxtaposition of vibrant elements against more subdued tones creates a dynamic composition, symbolizing the dichotomy between what is seen and what lies hidden.

In the context of the art plug scene, “BEHIND THE CURTAIN” would likely garner attention for its thought-provoking narrative and skillful execution. It aligns with the ethos of the art plug movement, celebrating artists who push boundaries and challenge traditional artistic norms. This work serves as a conversation starter within art plug circles, symbolizing the ever-evolving and complex nature of contemporary art.

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