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Hand Signed and Numbered by the Artist. Image size 23.6 x 23.6 inches. Pest Control Included. Printed by Pictures on Walls. The Artwork is in Pristine Condition.

Medium: Screen print

Dimensions: 27.56 x 27.56 inches

Year: 2010

Edition: Of 25

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“CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON (SKY BLUE)” by Banksy is a captivating piece that combines sharp social commentary with the artist’s iconic street art aesthetics. The artwork likely features a stenciled image of a powerful and symbolic figure holding a choice of objects that serve as weapons or tools for change. The sky blue color palette may add an element of calm or irony to the composition.

In Banksy’s typical fashion, the piece invites viewers to reflect on the power dynamics and choices individuals have in shaping their world. The juxtaposition of the figure and the chosen weapon/tool emphasizes the potential for both creation and destruction. The use of the sky blue hue could add a layer of optimism or contemplation to the overall message.

Within the art scene, “CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON (SKY BLUE)” would likely be appreciated for its impactful visual language and thought-provoking narrative, aligning with Banksy’s reputation for pushing boundaries and addressing societal issues through art.

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