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Colors of infinity – Harif Guzman


43.3 x 29.9 in | 110 x 76 cm

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Harif Guzman, also known as Haculla, is a contemporary artist celebrated for his street art and graffiti-inspired work. His art is characterized by bold, expressive brushwork, vibrant color schemes, and a raw, urban aesthetic. Guzman often draws from his experiences growing up in New York City and the subcultures of street art and fashion, infusing his pieces with a sense of rebellion and street culture. His work frequently features enigmatic, masked figures and cryptic symbols, inviting viewers to delve into the complexities of contemporary urban life and the mysteries of the human psyche. Harif Guzman’s art blurs the lines between street art and fine art, leaving a lasting impression with its bold and distinctive style.

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