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CRACKED – Martin Whatson

1,820.00 $

39 3/10 × 27 1/2 in | 99.8 × 69.9 cm
Frame included
Edition of 250
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Martin Whatson is a renowned Norwegian street artist who has made a significant impact in the urban art scene with his distinctive blend of graffiti and stencil art. Emerging from the graffiti movement in the 1990s, Whatson developed a unique style that combines the gritty realism of black and white stencils with vibrant, colorful graffiti elements. His work often features subjects depicted in a monochromatic scheme, overlaid with expressive, colorful graffiti tags and patterns, creating a striking contrast.

Whatson’s art explores themes of identity, urbanity, and expression. His work frequently includes figures or scenes that are partially obscured or complemented by graffiti, reflecting the layered nature of street art and urban environments. This approach not only adds a visual depth to his pieces but also invites viewers to consider the juxtaposition of the structured, often monochromatic world with the spontaneous, colorful realm of graffiti.

His murals and canvases often depict mundane or overlooked aspects of city life, transformed by his vibrant graffiti into something captivating and new. Martin Whatson’s work is celebrated for its ability to capture the dynamic energy of street culture, blending the rawness of graffiti with the precision of stencil work, creating art that is both accessible and thought-provoking.

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