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En Pointe (GREY) – Martin Whatson

3,600.00 $

Hand embellished screen print in colours on paper

15 Color Screen Print on 300gsm Somerset Paper

31 1/2 × 22 in | 80 × 55.9 cm

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“En Pointe” by Martin Whatson is a captivating piece that likely showcases the artist’s distinctive combination of street art and classical elements. In this hypothetical artwork, Whatson may use his signature grayscale urban imagery contrasted with vibrant, expressive splashes of color. The title “En Pointe” suggests a delicate and poised subject, perhaps featuring a ballerina or a figure in a graceful pose.

Relating it to The Art Plug, “En Pointe” becomes a noteworthy addition to collections associated with the movement. Martin Whatson’s ability to merge urban aesthetics with artistic elegance aligns with The Art Plug’s mission to showcase artists contributing to a dynamic and diverse contemporary art scene. This piece symbolizes the movement’s dedication to artists who seamlessly blend different styles, fostering a vibrant and inclusive artistic landscape.

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