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FUTURE RELIC 02: CAMERA – Daniel Arsham

Medium: Plaster and crushed glass

Dimensions: 5 3/4 × 6 1/4 × 3 3/4 inches

Year: 2014

Edition: 450

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“FUTURE RELIC 02: CAMERA” by Daniel Arsham is a captivating exploration of time and technology. Arsham’s distinctive style, characterized by his use of eroded or decaying forms, transforms a familiar object, the camera, into a relic from a speculative future. This piece prompts contemplation on the transience of technology and the inevitable evolution of cultural artifacts.

Relating it to The Art Plug, “FUTURE RELIC 02: CAMERA” aligns seamlessly with the movement’s commitment to showcasing artists who challenge traditional perspectives. Arsham’s ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and futurism simultaneously makes this work a compelling addition to collections associated with The Art Plug. It symbolizes the movement’s dedication to artists who engage with both the tangible and intangible aspects of contemporary culture, fostering a dynamic and thought-provoking artistic landscape.

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