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Unsigned Edition of 650. Pest Control Included. Artwork is in Excellent condition.

Medium: Screen print

Dimensions: 27.5 x 27.5 inches

Year: 2004

Edition: Of 150 Signed + 500 Unsigned + 8 AP

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“I FOUGHT THE LAW” by Banksy is a compelling and socially charged piece that features one of the artist’s well-known stenciled images. In this artwork, Banksy skillfully blends humor with a poignant message by depicting a rioter throwing a bunch of flowers instead of a Molotov cocktail, subverting the usual imagery associated with social unrest.

In relation to The Art Plug, “I FOUGHT THE LAW” is an exemplary representation of Banksy’s ability to engage with contemporary issues and challenge societal norms. This piece could resonate with The Art Plug movement due to its thought-provoking nature and its capacity to spark conversations about activism, peaceful resistance, and the power of art to convey impactful messages.

The inclusion of “I FOUGHT THE LAW” in the context of The Art Plug highlights the movement’s commitment to showcasing artists who push boundaries and contribute to meaningful dialogues. Banksy’s ability to blend street art with powerful social commentary aligns with The Art Plug’s ethos of breaking down traditional art barriers and fostering a dynamic and inclusive art scene. As part of collections associated with The Art Plug, “I FOUGHT THE LAW” becomes a symbol of the movement’s dedication to progressive, thought-provoking, and socially relevant contemporary art.

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