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IM HIM – Marcel Katz

36 x 44 in

91.44 x 111.76 cm

Comes with the frame

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Marcel Katz’s exceptional artistic vision shines through in a remarkable series of three paintings created as a commemoration to the discipline and values of Steve Schwarzman, intertwined with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Black Stone. This extraordinary project, which took six months to complete, was derived from a single, large canvas roll and represents a labor of love and dedication by Katz. Each day, the canvas was meticulously worked on in his studio, reflecting a deep commitment to the craft and the profound significance of the subject matter.

The resulting series, divided into three distinct pieces, embodies the power of threes and serves as a powerful testament to the interconnectedness of the values shared by Schwarzman and the CTO. Hidden messages within the paintings, such as “keep going,” “be the light,” “taking calculated risks,” and “teamwork,” serve as poignant reminders of the principles and ethos that guide and inspire these individuals in their professional and personal endeavors. Additionally, the use of earth tones, oil, and pencil on canvas adds a warm, familial touch to the series, further emphasizing the values of family and togetherness.

Through this series, Marcel Katz has masterfully captured the essence of leadership, collaboration, and resilience, offering a visual narrative that encapsulates the shared values and aspirations of these influential figures. The paintings stand as a testament to the enduring power of art to convey complex emotions and ideals, and as a timeless tribute to the impact of these principles on the lives and work of those they represent.

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