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96,000.00 $

Size: 34 3/4 × 23 in | 88.3 × 58.4 cm
Rarity: Limited edition
Condition: Excellent
Signature: Hand-signed by artist, Each of the 10 screenprints are hand signed, dated and numbered by the artist.
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The Kaws “No Reply” Portfolio Bearbrick is a unique and iconic collectible. It features the distinctive style of the artist Kaws, known for his bold, graphic, and often emotive work. The Bearbrick itself is a bear-shaped figure, a popular platform for artistic expression in the designer toy community.

This particular design likely includes Kaws’ signature elements such as crossed-out eyes, bold lines, and possibly vivid, contrasting colors. The “No Reply” portfolio may hint at a theme of communication or its absence, which could be reflected in the visual design of the Bearbrick. This collectible merges the playful form of the Bearbrick with the thought-provoking and visually striking artistry of Kaws.


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