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Unsigned Numbered Edition of 600. Artwork is in Excellent Condition. Pest Control Included.

Medium: Screen print Dimensions: 27.5 x 19.75 inches

Year: 2003

Edition: Of 600

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“LAUGH NOW” by Banksy is a striking and iconic piece that features one of the artist’s signature motifs: a chimpanzee wearing a sandwich board that reads, “Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge.” This stenciled image, often found in urban settings, blends humor with a thought-provoking message about power dynamics and societal structures.

In relation to The Art Plug, “LAUGH NOW” is emblematic of Banksy’s ability to transcend traditional artistic boundaries and engage with contemporary issues. The piece not only challenges viewers to reflect on the nature of authority and control but also contributes to the ongoing dialogue within The Art Plug movement.

The inclusion of “LAUGH NOW” in The Art Plug context highlights the movement’s commitment to showcasing artists who provoke thought and question societal norms. The piece becomes a symbol of the dynamic and inclusive spirit of The Art Plug, bridging the gap between street art and high-end contemporary art while addressing relevant social themes. As part of collections associated with The Art Plug, “LAUGH NOW” could stand as a testament to the movement’s dedication to breaking down barriers and fostering meaningful conversations through art.

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