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Limited Edition Yellow Bendy Skateboard deck – KAWS

Screenprint on skateboard deck
31 × 8 in | 78.7 × 20.3 cm
Edition of 500
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KAWS, the moniker of American artist Brian Donnelly, is renowned for his work that straddles the worlds of art and commerce, blending elements of pop culture, street art, and fine art. Born in 1974 in Jersey City, New Jersey, KAWS first gained attention in the 1990s for his subversive graffiti, which involved reimagining advertisements on bus shelters and phone booths with his now-iconic skull-and-crossbones motif, inspired by Mickey Mouse’s gloves and skulls.

His work encompasses a wide range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, and graphic design, often characterized by its bold, graphic aesthetic and the repeated use of his distinct characters, such as Companion and Chum. These characters, with their exaggerated and emotive features, explore themes of isolation, consumerism, and humanity, making profound statements on contemporary life and culture.

KAWS’ sculptures, often large-scale and displayed in public spaces, further blur the line between commercial and fine art, inviting both admiration and critique for their playful yet poignant commentary on the art world and consumer culture. His collaborations with major brands and forays into fashion, toys, and commercial products have made his work accessible to a broad audience, challenging traditional boundaries of art and democratizing its consumption.

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