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Little Martian – Edgar Plans

Acrylic, glass, polystone
17 3/10 × 11 4/5 in | 44 × 30 cm
Edition of 40
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Edgar Plans was born in Madrid in 1977 and currently resides and works in Gijón, Asturias. His artistic journey began at the studio of painter Jose María Ramos, where he honed his foundational skills in drawing and painting from 1995 to 1997. He pursued his academic path, ultimately earning a degree in Art History from the University of Oviedo. His artistic style is marked by its refreshing, lively, and expressive nature, emphasizing vibrant color palettes and the use of various materials. His paintings often exude a sense of childlike wonder, yet they possess a deeper layer of complexity. His art serves as a form of communication that provokes thought and stirs emotions, making it akin to an object with its own essence. His work spans a wide range of themes, from critiquing societal issues to conjuring characters from the depths of his imagination.

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