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LOVE Skateboard – Robert Indiana

11,000.00 $

The boards are made from Canadian maple wood, and each one measures 31h x 8w x 0.5”d.

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Robert Indiana, a key figure in the American Pop Art movement, is celebrated for his distinctive approach to visual art that integrates bold, typographic designs with profound cultural and personal themes. While he is most famously known for his “LOVE” series, his artistic repertoire extends far beyond this single motif.

Indiana’s work often featured simple, impactful words or numbers that delve into American identity and collective consciousness. His series “Autoportrait” is a notable example, reflecting on his own identity and experiences through the lens of Americana. Another significant series is the “American Dream” collection, where Indiana explored the concept of the American Dream, juxtaposing idealistic visions with the reality of American life.

His style is characterized by the use of strong colors, hard edges, and precise geometric patterns, which together create a sense of immediacy and accessibility in his art. Indiana’s art frequently comments on political and social issues, reflecting his engagement with contemporary culture and his critique of materialism and consumerism. His work is often viewed as a bridge between commercial art and fine art, emphasizing the power of language and symbols to communicate complex ideas in an accessible way.

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