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Noshi and Meg on Earth, Year 2036 – Aya Takano

22 4/5 × 20 1/10 in | 58 × 51 cm
Edition of 300
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Aya Takano, a Japanese artist, is known for her distinctive style that blends elements of manga, science fiction, and fantasy. Her work often features ethereal, slender figures, predominantly young women or androgynous beings, in surreal, dreamlike settings. These figures are frequently depicted in outer space or futuristic landscapes, blending traditional Japanese motifs with a unique, contemporary aesthetic. Takano’s art is deeply influenced by her fascination with the universe, the possibilities of space travel, and the mysteries of existence. Through her vibrant use of color and imaginative compositions, she creates a sense of whimsy and otherworldliness, while often exploring themes of sexuality, spirituality, and the complexities of human emotion. As a member of the Superflat movement, initiated by Takashi Murakami, Takano’s work also comments on the blurring of boundaries between high art and popular culture, and the impact of consumerism and technology on contemporary life.

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