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Signed & numbered by the artist.

Medium: 14 color screen print with UV gloss varnishing on Somerset high quality satined paper of 300 gsm. Dimensions: 29 x 20 inches

Year: 2014

Edition: Of 200

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“NUBIAN PRINCESS” by Hush is a captivating piece that blends urban grit with a celebration of cultural identity. This artwork likely features Hush’s distinctive use of vibrant colors, layers, and intricate details. The title suggests a portrayal of a powerful and regal Nubian princess, emphasizing the beauty and strength of the subject.

Hush, known for his unique fusion of street art and traditional influences, might employ a dynamic composition that combines graffiti-inspired elements with more refined, classical aesthetics. The Nubian princess, rendered with Hush’s signature style, could embody a symbol of resilience, grace, and cultural pride.

Within the art scene, “NUBIAN PRINCESS” could be a standout piece for its ability to transcend conventional boundaries, bridging street art with a deeper exploration of identity and heritage. Its potential to provoke both admiration and reflection aligns with the progressive and thought-provoking nature often associated with Hush’s artistic contributions.

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