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Pigtails – Emi Kuraya

1,534.00 $

Archival pigment print & silkscreen
20 23/100 × 13 93/100 in | 51.4 × 35.4 cm
Edition of 50
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Emi Kuraya, a Japanese artist of distinction, is renowned for her captivating body of work that delves into the enigmatic and transient facets of existence. Her artistic repertoire can be likened to an intimate diary, where she candidly conveys her emotions and beckons viewers to partake in her contemplative odyssey. In her artistry, Kuraya frequently portrays young girls, employing a palette of pastel hues to craft a delicate equilibrium between innocence and profound introspection. Her exploration of the interplay between illumination and obscurity, elation and introspection, renders her creations both visually enthralling and emotionally poignant. Kuraya’s art serves as an evocative catalyst for viewers to ponder the significance of fleeting moments, encapsulating the essence of ephemeral beauty.

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