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Puzzled – Hijack

5,200.00 $

Archival Paper

22.5 x 30 in | 57 cm x 76 cm

Edition of 45


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Hijack, emerging as a notable artist in the street art scene, is often recognized for his unique approach that blends classic street art elements with a more refined artistic vision. As the son of Mr. Brainwash (Thierry Guetta), a prominent figure in the street art world, Hijack has been immersed in the world of art from a young age and has developed a distinct style that sets him apart.

His artwork typically features a combination of bold, striking imagery with elements of graffiti and pop culture, all rendered with a sense of sophistication and depth. Hijack often employs a mix of techniques including spray paint, stenciling, and traditional painting methods, creating artworks that are vibrant, dynamic, and engaging.

Hijack’s pieces often explore themes of youth, urban culture, and contemporary societal issues, showcasing his ability to comment on modern life through his art. His works are characterized by their energetic and provocative nature, often challenging the viewer to engage with the underlying messages.

The influence of his father is evident in his approach to art, yet Hijack’s unique perspective and style demonstrate his individual artistic voice. His work represents a new generation in street art, one that respects its roots in urban culture while also pushing the boundaries of what street art can represent and achieve. His growing presence in the art world is a testament to the evolving nature of street art and its increasing relevance in contemporary art discourse.

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