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Reflections on Crash – Roy Lichtenstein

Reflections on Crash from Reflections Series, 1990

Lithograph, screenprint, relief, and metalized PVC collage with embossing on mold-made Somerset paper

59 1/8 x 75 in | 150 x 190 cm

Edition of 68

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Roy Lichtenstein was a pivotal figure in the Pop Art movement, renowned for his distinctive use of comic strip art and advertising imagery, which he transformed into high art. Born in New York City in 1923, Lichtenstein gained fame in the 1960s for his innovative approach to painting, characterized by the use of bold colors, thick outlines, and a technique that mimicked the Ben-Day dots printing process commonly found in comic books and mass media. This method gave his works a mechanically produced appearance, challenging traditional notions of craftsmanship and artistry.

Lichtenstein’s art often depicted scenes from popular culture, including war and romance narratives from comic books, reinterpreted through a lens that both celebrated and critiqued contemporary American society. His works, such as “Whaam!” and “Drowning Girl,” are iconic for their ironic and poignant encapsulation of the era’s optimism, fears, and romantic ideals, presenting them in a visually striking and accessible manner.

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